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We are Spinetech

We are a professional team of specialists who have been devoted to the reproduction, growth, harvesting, and sale of Haliotis, also known as abalones, abulones, or paua, since 2005. Our specially designed facilities are located in both the north and south of Chile, where we take advantage of the optimal environmental conditions for the development of our haliotis.

We are proud to be leaders in the production of abalone seeds in the country, with a production of over 400 tons per year. Our abalones are carefully selected and transported to our farm in Chiloé, a beautiful island in southern Chile, to continue their growth in a natural and wild environment.

At Spinetech, we believe in offering only the freshest and highest quality products to our customers. That's why our abalones are fed 100% natural algae, without any chemical products, ensuring an authentic taste with every bite. We are committed to protecting the quality of our products and the environment, which is why we are proud to have an FDA certificate for your safety.

Our processing plant ensures that each abalone undergoes rigorous quality controls and packaging processes to ensure the best possible product. We offer customized products according to each client's needs, from canned to live and frozen abalones. Our premium quality processes and FDA certification guarantee the excellence of our abalones at every stage of production and processing.

At Spinetech, we always listen to the needs and desires of our clients and put forth all our effort to fulfill them. Our goal is to build long-lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships, and we are committed to being the leading provider of premium abalones in the Chilean market.

Join us on our journey from our sea to your table and experience the unique flavor of our high-quality red abalones.